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3ds Max
   Autodesk 3ds Max modeling, animation, and rendering software comes in two versions:   Autodesk 3ds Max for game developers, visual effects artists, and motion graphics artists,   and Autodesk 3ds Max Design for architects, designers, engineers, and visualization   specialists. For 3D Modeling, Animation & Rendering along with other creative   professionals working in the media design industry on one hand; and architects, designers,   engineers, and visualization specialists on the other.
After Effects
   Adobe® After Effects® software lets you deliver cinematic visual effects and motion   graphics faster than ever before with new Global Performance Cache. Extend your   creativity with built-in text and shape extrusion, new mask feathering options, and the fast,   easy-to-use 3D Camera Tracker. With added plugins as Video Copilot Optical Flares and   Trapcode Particular, you can make spectacular special effects.
Cinema 4D
   CINEMA 4D Studio is the very best that MAXON has to offer for professional 3D   artists. If you want to create advanced 3D graphics but need a helping hand to ensure you   create jaw-dropping graphics quickly and easily, then this is the choice for you. As well as   containing all of the features found in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize and Broadcast,   CINEMA 4D Studio adds advanced character tools, hair, a physics engine and an   unlimited clients network for rendering. The result is that CINEMA 4D Studio can tackle   any project you throw at it with ease.
   Autodesk® Maya® 3D animation software delivers a comprehensive creative feature set   with tools for animation, modeling, simulation, rendering, matchmoving, and compositing   on a highly extensible production platform. For visual effects, game development, post   production, or other 3D animation projects, Maya offers toolsets to help meet demanding   production requirements. Maya 2013 adds tools that help facilitate parallel workflows and   complexity handling; powerful new creative toolsets; and productivity enhancements to   help you create higher quality content quickly.Create breathtaking 3D with production-  proven tools for 3D animation, modeling, visual effects, and rendering.
Motion Builder
   Autodesk® MotionBuilder® real-time 3D character animation software builds on   emerging techniques embraced by some of the entertainment industry’s most successful   studios. You can acquire, aggregate, and refine data with greater reliability and precision;   create, edit, and play back complex character animation in a highly responsive, interactive   environment; and work with a display optimized for the individual requirements of both   animators and directors. These capabilities make MotionBuilder ideal for high-volume film   and game animation, previsualization, motion capture, and performance animation.
   Autodesk® Mudbox™ 3D digital sculpting and digital painting software gives you the   freedom to create production-ready 3D digital artwork without worrying about the   technical details. Designed by professional artists from the game, film, television, and   design industries, Mudbox combines an intuitive user interface with a powerful creative   toolset of stencils and brushes for ultrarealistic 3D character modeling, engaging   environments, and stylized props. Available for Mac®, Microsoft® Windows®, and   Linux® operating systems.
   Adobe Photoshop is released in two editions: Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Photoshop Extended, with the Extended having extra 3D image creation, motion graphics editing, and advanced image analysis features. Adobe Photoshop Extended is included in all of Adobe's Creative Suite offerings except Design Standard, which includes the Adobe Photoshop edition.Adobe Photoshop CS6 software delivers even more imaging magic, new creative options, and the Adobe Mercury Graphics Engine for blazingly fast performance. Retouch with new Content-Aware features, and create superior designs as well as movies using new and reimagined tools and workflows. With new video editing abilities.
   Reason is a virtual studio rack with all the tools and instruments you need to turn your   ideas into music. With its generous sound bank and intuitive flow, Reason helps you along   in the creative process and is the music software that never gets in your way. There are   racks filled with different tools used in music production from reverb to compressors,   vocoders, synthesizers, distortion units, and parametric EQs. The studio's rack is the   heart of its creative factory. We have outfitted your computer with a virtual rack filled with   all the same gear as a professional would have. They look and function exactly like their   hardware cousins.
Sony Vegas
   Sony Vegas. All of the products in the Sony Vegas software family make it easy to import   and edit movies, images, and music so you can jump right in and start creating your next   video or audio masterpiece. Whether you're a beginner, an experienced filmmaker, or a   professional broadcast producer, there is a Vegas solution to meet your needs.
   Last but not least, Zbrush. ZBrush is a digital sculpting and painting program that has   revolutionized the 3D industry with its powerful features and intuitive workflows. Built   within an elegant interface, ZBrush offers the world’s most advanced tools for today’s digital   artists. With an arsenal of features that have been developed with usability in mind, ZBrush   creates a user experience that feels incredibly natural while simultaneously inspiring the   artist within. With the ability to sculpt up to a billion polygons, ZBrush allows you to create   limited only by your imagination.


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